What makes me Gifted/Talented or Able in Physical Education ? Add an image description

You achieve outstandingly in multiple sports or you have outstanding achievement in a single sport.
Your overall achievement in Physical Education is very high. You are in the top 5% in the year group.
You have a very good level of achievement in multiple sporting activities.
Your overall achievement in Physical Education is very good. You are in the top 5-15% of the year group.
You have a good level of ability in an area of the national curriculum, such as games, gymnastics or OAA.

What will we be doing in lessons to develop my skills?
You will be assessed against National curriculum levels and you will have targets to help you meet this.
Outside coaches may come into some of your lessons to give expert coaching and advice.

What can I do outside of school to develop my skills in Physical Education ?
If you are gifted, talented or able in a particular sport or many, you will be invited to represent the school in these sports.
You can also be involved in representing your house in house sport.
You are also advised to join clubs for whichever sport(s) you’re are gifted, talented or able in and they will help you to advance your skills.

School teams are currently run for:
• Boys football (Y7-13)
• Girls football (Y7-10)
• Tag rugby (Y7-10)
• Netball (Y7-11)
• Cricket (Y7-10)
• Rounders (Y7-10)
• Basketball (Y7-11)
• Tennis (Y7-10)
• Swimming (Y7-11)
• Athletics (Y7-11)
• Cross country (Y7-11)

Extra-curricular clubs are run for:
• Swimming
• Badminton
• Dance
• Gymnastics
• Table Tennis
• Fitness
• Rugby
• American Football

For further information, see Mr. Inman